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Grubhub and Yandex bring autonomous deliveries to US college campuses – Engadget

Grubhub is teaming up with Russian tech giant Yandex to deliver food to students and others on US college campuses with the help of autonomous robots. The companies have agreed a multi-year partnership, and the robots will start dropping off orders on select campuses this fall. Grubhub works with more than 250 colleges across the country.
Yandex says its robots can access areas and navigate obstacles that cars cannot. It will be able to deliver food in mainly pedestrian areas and the robot delivery service will be integrated into Grubhub’s app. When the robot gets close to its destination, the customer will receive a notification. They can retrieve their order by using the app to unlock a hatch on the robot.
The machines use the same self-driving tech as Yandex’s autonomous cars, and they can operate in a variety of weather conditions. Yandex has been using the robots for its own food and grocery delivery services in Russia. The rovers have also been fulfilling restaurant orders in Ann Arbor, Michigan, since April.
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