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Opera, Yandex browsers and the Amazon and Epic storefronts are coming to the new Microsoft Store – ZDNet

Microsoft continues to expand the list of apps, as well as storefronts, which will be available in the revamped Microsoft app store starting October 5.
Mary Jo Foley has covered the tech industry for 30 years for a variety of publications, including ZDNet, eWeek and Baseline. She is the author of Microsoft 2.

In June this year, Microsoft officials announced their plans to redo the Microsoft Store and make it available to both Windows 11 and Windows 10 users starting this fall. Today, September 28, Microsoft execs added a few new details to the new Store rollout plan, including announcements that the Opera and Yandex browsers, along with the Amazon.com and Epic games storefronts would all be available in the revamped Microsoft Store.

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced plans to update the look and feel of the Store while continuing to make it a place to get apps, entertainment content, and games. Because the new Store will now allow developers to include Win32/64 and other new kinds of apps, Microsoft execs said they’d be adding Office, its Edge browser, and Visual Studio/Visual Studio Code to the Store. The new Store will highlight Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), as well.

Microsoft and Amazon also announced in June that Amazon would be bringing its Amazon Appstore to Windows 11. This is key to the way that Microsoft will be able to make Android apps available on Windows 11. Today’s announcement about the Amazon.com storefront coming to the Microsoft Store seems to have no immediate bearing on Microsoft’s plan to bring Android apps to Windows.

Officials said today that Microsoft is updating policies to allow third-party storefront apps to be discoverable in the Microsoft Store on Windows, including Amazon and Epic Games, over the next few months. And “soon,” Windows Insiders will get a preview of the Amazon Appstore catalogue, including the ability to browse and search its catalogue directly in the Microsoft Store for Windows.

Microsoft officials said earlier this month that the company won’t be making Android apps available in the Microsoft Store (via an arrangement with Amazon) by the time Windows 11 launches on October 5. They said that Insider testers would get a preview of the Android apps on Windows 11 capability “in the coming months” and have declined to offer any further update on the timing.
The new Microsoft Store will launch alongside Windows 11 on October 5. Officials said today that the new Store app also will be available to Windows 10 “in the coming months.”
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