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Going beyond YouTube: Catching up with Orlando's Scooter Magruder as he's embraced by NBA, NFL — Orlando Sentinel

Cameron Magruder is getting a lot of attention.
Not just YouTube likes. The Orlando social media star, also known as Scooter Magruder, is getting attention from the likes of the NBA and the Dallas Cowboys.
He’s been featured in their social media and on national TV this year, proving 2021 to be the year of Magruder.
The YouTube channel ScooterMagruder started in 2006 and focuses on Magruder expressing sports fans’ frustrations and joyous outbursts. The channel has over 600,000 subscribers, gaining over 100,000 users in the last 18 months. Magruder has been expanding his brand venturing into new territories such as live streaming gameplay, and choosing an English Premier League team to support: Manchester United.
However, Magruder’s online value increased even more when he started collaborating with professional sport organizations.
Most recently, Magruder appeared in a Walmart commercial with Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb promoting Gillette, Old Spice, and Head and Shoulders products.
“All of the sudden a lot of dope stuff has started happening to me all at once,” Magruder said.
It started over the summer when the NBA reached out to Magruder and several other social influencers to be part of its “NBA House” in Los Angeles to create basketball-inspired content throughout the Conference Finals and Finals. Magruder joined content creators such as by Mark Phillips, Ben Skinner, Dreezy, Brittany Sky, Jay Mendoza, Stephania Ergemlidze and the Fung Brothers. Together they were challenged to activities like “Basketball Bootcamp” and “Paint by Basketball,” while also getting to meet Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
Orlando social media stars: Scooter Magruder reigns as sports comedy YouTube king
“That’s how it all popped off for me,” Magruder said. “It was like the NBA’s version of TikTok house. The NBA said we want you to be one of the creators there. They had dope stuff for us through out the week. We went to the NBA playoffs. We made videos. It was a fun experience.”
Magruder believes he was invited because he is a “legacy YouTuber” for sports.
“If its NFL or NBA-related, I’ve been doing it and I’ve been doing it for a long time.”
Ever since then, the calls for opportunity have kept coming in, but not always at opportune times. Magruder received one call from the NBA asking him to be in Los Angeles by the next morning while he was still in Orlando.
He made the the flight and was contracted to make three videos for the NBA Lane campaign, which is set in a fictional neighborhood where current NBA stars and legends reside. While there he met Lebron James, Michael B. Jordan, Russell Westbrook and Zach Lavine.
Magruder was also invited in October to be on a panel for College Football Live, as a University of Florida Gator fan, before UF took on the University of Alabama.
While on the show, his allegiance to UF was called to question when he brought up his Orlando residency.
“I want it to be known out there, everyone from UCF the best team in Florida is the University of Florida, flagship university. Go Gators,” he said to thunderous applause of UF fans. “To be honest, if I went to UCF I would be doing the same thing. But I didn’t. I got into Florida, where we have actual national championships.”
Magruder’s collaborations have taken time away from his content creation, but he’s explained to fans it’s temporary, and with the money he’s been making plans on upping his video quality and also starting an Orlando business, but isn’t saying what the venture would pursue.
“There’s not a lot I can say about that right now, but I will say I am investing a new sustainable future in the Central Florida area. Let’s go,” he said.
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